Discover the new range of Case Patriot Sprayers

Patriot sprayers offer superior precision and consistency. As has come to be expected of Case, these sprayers are built from robust components that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. They provide you with a reliable performance across a range of terrain and weather conditions. If you’re looking for quality farm equipment, you can find a range of sprayers for sale on AgriMag.

Patriot sprayers overview

Patriot sprayers are equipped with 6.7- to 8.7-litre engines that deliver a maximum horsepower ranging from 175 to 335. They have a Tier 4 emissions standard and their durable exterior is accompanied by a comfortable interior. Innovative technology contributes to the efficient performance these sprayers offer.

Case, Patriot Sprayers

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Striking exterior

The striking exterior of the Patriot sprayers complements its unrivalled performance. Their distinctive design places the weight of the cab and engine over the axles, which contribute to the excellent performance of these machines. The weight of the tank is positioned in the centre of the machine and the consistent weight distribution reduces rutting and minimises soil compaction. Another key aspect of the Patriot’s design is its outstanding suspension, which contributes to a smooth ride quality. The heavy-duty frame is built from robust one-piece rectangular steel tubing that has been welded for additional strength. These machines are built to last, which extends their service life. The rigid frame safeguards the machine from field loads while offering a reliable attachment point. The booms are built with durability in mind and this adds to their longevity.

Innovative cab

Case manufactured the Patriot sprayers with Surveyor cabs, which provide a pleasant work environment for the operator. With plenty of legroom and excellent visibility, these cabs are created to boost efficiency. Improved visibility makes manoeuvring these sprayers easier and safer. A gun sight is positioned on the front hood, which assists the operator to stay on their preferred pathway.

Patriot Sprayers, Case

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The control console is designed to add convenience to operating the sprayers. A highlight of these machines is their cutting-edge AFS Pro 700 colour display and it gives the operator easy access to guidance functions as well as other useful features. AFS AccuGuide is an innovative feature of this model that offers improved precision during spraying. AutoBoom is another feature of the Patriot sprayers that contributes to improving efficiency. A consistent yet dynamic performance is achieved by the AIM Command FLEX.

Optimised performance

Case offers you a range of Patriot sprayers so that you can choose one that matches your requirements. Equipped with a Case IH FPT diesel engine, these machines deliver an optimised performance that maximises the efficiency of your business. The Patriot 4440 sprayer is equipped with an 8.7-litre diesel engine that delivers 374hp at 2 000rpm. The peak torque for this variation is 1.143 ft-lbs. The 3 340 model is equipped with a 6.7 l 6-cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers 285hp. The Patriot 3 240 offers 250hp while the 2 250 model offers 175hp. These machines are designed to offer maximum efficiency even when facing challenging field conditions. Another aspect of the Patriot sprayers’ performance is their application quality. They offer the correct rate as well as the right droplet size across the whole field. The consistency of the spray is maintained over changing conditions. The risk of skips or overlaps is decreased with superior control and guidance features.

Case, Patriot Sprayers

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Easy maintenance

Not only are the Patriot sprayers built with robust parts, they’re also designed to be convenient to maintain. The outcome is sprayers that offer you reduced running costs as well as decreased downtime. Maintaining these machines is easy as the items that need to be checked frequently are placed on the same side of the machine. They’re positioned so that they’re easy to access for added convenience. The convenience of maintaining these sprayers encourages maintenance tasks to be carried out regularly to ensure that the machine is kept in peak condition. The booms are built to offer superior strength and durability and an automated rinse feature is available for these sprayers, which means that this function can be activated from the cab.

Now that you know more about the Patriot sprayers, you can find a wide range of machines for sale online. These sprayers are designed to boost the efficiency of your farming operations by delivering a cost-effective performance that you can rely on. Case has a reputation for producing quality equipment and the Patriot sprayers are no exception.

Discover the new range of Case Patriot Sprayers | AgriMag Blog
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Discover the new range of Case Patriot Sprayers | AgriMag Blog
As has come to be expected of Case, their Patriot sprayers are built from robust components that won’t let you down. Find out more.
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