Claas Jaguar attachments make harvesting any crop easy

Durable, versatile, and reliable, Claas Jaguar attachments won’t let you down when the going gets tough. The wide selection of robust attachments enhances the efficiency of harvesting a diverse range of crops. As has come to be expected of Claas, these quality attachments deliver an outstanding performance. If you want to improve the productivity of your work, you can find Claas Jaguar products for sale on AgriMag.

Class Jaguar attachments overview

The Claas Jaguar front attachments offer you the benefit of intelligent connection. These attachments can be linked to the Jaguar electronically and the attachment detection feature ensures that the basic settings are convenient to implement. The design of these attachments provides you with a fast and clean connection that you can rely on. Attachment options include the pickup, ORBIS, and direct disc.

Jaguar attachments

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These attachments are designed to offer an exceptional crop flow as well as a clean crop uptake. They are designed to be easy to use, which enhances their appeal. Innovative technology elevates the performance of these robust attachments. Other noteworthy attributes of the Claas Jaguar pick-ups are their suspended frame and durable roller crop press. With two Claas Jaguar pick-up variations to choose from, it’s easy to find an attachment that matches your specifications. The pick-up 300 has a working width position of 4 660mm with a tine-to-tine working width of 3 600mm. The pick-up 300 has a working position of 3 680mm with a tine-to-tine working width of 2 620mm. The transport width for the 380 variation is 3 976mm while the pick-up 300 has a transport width of 3 000mm. Both models have a length of 1 440mm and a height of 1 450mm. The pick-up 380 is slightly heavier with a weight of 1 580kg compared to the 300’s weight of 1 390kg.

Claas Pickup attachment

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The Claas Jaguar ORBIS is built to deliver a high throughput. Its exceptional work quality sets it apart from the crowd. These robust attachments have low-maintenance needs, which helps to reduce running costs and decrease downtime. The ORBIS is designed to harvest stalked crops and increases the efficiency of harvesting maize. It boasts a free-running drive, which has a decreased starting torque, as well as a reduced power requirement. The working width for the ORBIS attachments starts at 4.5m and reaches 9.0m. These advanced attachments are the outcome of tried and tested designs combined with the latest innovations in the industry. The central locking system makes linking this attachment to your Jaguar more convenient and safer. Another benefit of owning the ORBIS is that it offers superior visibility for safer operations. Its reduced axle loads are also advantageous. The compact design of these attachments boosts agility, which makes it possible to manoeuver your machine in tight spaces. Conservative power requirements decrease the fuel consumption, which reduces the running costs.

Claas Orbis attachment

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Direct disc

The versatility of the direct disc means that it can be adapted to suit the requirements of a diverse range of crops. These attachments can also be adjusted to match the requirements of various field conditions. The mowing bar boasts a rapid knife change system that enhances efficiency. Another benefit of investing in the Claas Jaguar direct discs is that they deliver a consistent crop flow. Side knives are available for these attachments.

With their reputation for excellence, Claas Jaguar offers you quality attachments to match a range of applications. Now that you know more about the front-end attachments that are available, you can find a selection of affordable variations for sale on AgriMag.

Claas Direct Disc attachment

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Claas Jaguar attachments make harvesting any crop easy | AgriMag Blog
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Claas Jaguar attachments make harvesting any crop easy | AgriMag Blog
Versatile and reliable, Claas Jaguar attachments won’t let you down when the going gets tough. The selection of robust attachments enhances efficiency.
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