How to get your poultry housing right

Keep your chickens safe and secure by providing the right poultry housing. It’s vital to provide plenty of room for your chickens to move around in to ensure that your business is both ethical and lucrative. Find durable equipment for sale on AgriMag and boost the efficiency of your farm.

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What is the importance of poultry housing?

Chicken housing creates a healthy environment for chickens and ensures that they are comfortable. The housing should be clean and dry. Another important function of this structure is that it keeps the chickens safe. Naturally ventilated housing is a cost-effective choice as it doesn’t incur additional expenses for climate control. A common design includes two short sides made from bricks combined with longer, corrugated iron sides. This type of poultry housing can also be adjusted to create day-range houses where the chickens can spend time outdoors.

Aspects to consider

Choose the right position
The correct position is essential as it helps to naturally control the temperature inside the house. The longer sides of the structure should face north and south while the shorter sides need to be positioned to the east and west. In the mornings, the sun will keep the chicken house warm. Ventilation should be incorporated into the long side to allow gases, such as carbon monoxide, to leave the house. Insufficient ventilation can harm the chickens and lead to the spread of diseases. The opening to the house should be positioned to the north as strong winds don’t usually come from this direction. Wind has a negative impact on the comfort of chickens.

Consider the size
Before you start building poultry housing, calculate the dimensions of the structure you require. The structure should provide plenty of room for the chickens to move around and be comfortable in. The chickens should also have enough space to roam outside and get fresh air and sunshine on a daily basis. Don’t forget to provide enough shade and water. The housing needs to be high enough for a person to stand upright inside.

Selecting the right farm location
The location of your poultry housing will impact the success of your business. In order to avoid high fuel expenses, your farm needs to be situated in close proximity to markets, vets, and feed suppliers. A location that is connected to transportation networks is also essential. Proper drainage for when it rains is vital as pathogens can spread in mud.

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Invest in the right materials to ensure the comfort of your chickens. The materials should be easy to clean for convenience as well as to prevent the spread of diseases. Brick, stone, and wood are suitable options. However, wood must be properly treated to prevent diseases.

Climate control
Poultry housing is heated from the bodies of the chickens, through heat from outside, and by artificial heating. Make sure that the interior of the structure is kept at the right temperature at all times. If it’s too hot or cold, it can have a negative effect on the health of the chickens. Place a thermometer at the height of the chickens to ensure that the correct temperature is maintained consistently throughout the day and night. The thermometer needs to be in the right place as the temperature at the top of the structure is not the same at the bottom of it. Babies and adults have different temperature needs so you will need to adjust the interior environment accordingly.

Now that you know how to get your poultry housing right, you can start to build a comfortable structure for your chickens. Find durable equipment for sale on AgriMag and enjoy great savings.

How to get your poultry housing right | AgriMag Blog
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How to get your poultry housing right | AgriMag Blog
Keep your chickens happy, safe, and secure by providing the right poultry housing. Find out how to do this on the AgriMag blog.
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