Is it time to call a bee removal service?

Do you need a bee removal service? Bees play an important role in our ecosystems and in agriculture, and honeybees are crucial to local food production. However, there are instances where they need to be relocated. You can invest in beehives and relocate the colony to a safe new home. Find beehives for sale on AgriMag today.

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About honeybees

Honeybees form colonies, which consist of hundreds of bees, and each colony has a queen bee, female worker bees, and male drones. A range of flowering plants provide food for bees and they require nectar and pollen to ensure their survival. Honeybees are threatened by pests such as the varroa mite, pesticides, and they’re also affected by diseases. Colonies expand during the warmer months and groups of bees split off from the original colony to start a new hive. These bees can make their new home in roofs, meter boxes, and tree trunks

Importance of bees

Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem by pollinating plants and promoting biodiversity. They’re also vital for the agricultural sector as bees play an important role in the pollination of crops. In South Africa, 50 different types of crops rely on bees for pollination. They boost crop yield and improve the quality of crops. These crops are a vital source of important vitamins such as calcium and vitamin C. Honey has medicinal purposes and the production of honey creates jobs.

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Steps landowners can take

Landowners can work together with beekeepers to preserve our bees. Beekeepers help to secure beehives and ensure that they’re protected from vandals. Make sure that you protect the natural vegetation on your land and factor in plant resources when you’re developing management plans. Consider planting species of plants like lavender and basil, which provide food for bees. Avoid using agrochemicals as they have a negative impact on all the insects that live on your land, including honeybees.

Reasons to remove bees

Wild colonies of bees can have many benefits to your land and the surrounding environment. While not all wild bee colonies need to be removed, there are instances where removal is necessary. If this is the case, it’s advisable to contact a professional to remove the bees as soon as possible before the colony becomes well-established. If bees pose a threat to people or animals, then it’s necessary to move them to a location where they don’t cause any harm. You’ll need to consider the accessibility of the bees and their queen when deciding whether to relocate them. Another reason for bee removal is if you think the bees will need to be moved in the near future. Bees who have decided to create a new hive in an inconvenient location, such as your roof or meter box, can be safely relocated to a beehive.

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Bee removal services

Use professional bee removal services to relocate the colony. The beekeeper should be registered with the Department of Agriculture. Trained professionals have the knowledge and skills that are required to remove the bees safely. Beekeepers can identify a new location that is suitable for the bees. Bees who are released nearby without proper consideration can end up creating a new colony in another problematic place. Trying to move bees yourself is dangerous and can also threaten the survival of the colony.

The use of professional bee removal services can help preserve our honeybees. Now that you know the importance of honeybees to our environment and food production, you can invest in beehives. Beehives ensure that the colony is relocated to a safe new location on your property where they don’t pose a threat to people or livestock. Find beehives for sale on AgriMag and enjoy great savings.

Is it time to call a bee removal service? | AgriMag Blog
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Is it time to call a bee removal service? | AgriMag Blog
Do you need a bee removal service? Bees play an important role in our ecosystems and in agriculture, and honeybees are crucial to local food production.
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    Good day! Thanks for the article on bee keeping i am a keen beekeeper i attempted without adequate knowledge i purchased about 5boxes hoping to receive training but that aborted i had managed remove bees from my home kept them in some boxes hoping to earn some money but unfortunately the hives were stolen and destroyed and bees left but i am still keen. i would like to get a breakdown of implements and tools needed to start one and process for selling and enter the value chain perhaps a costed business plan would. I have about two boxes (beehives) but i never robbed them as it dry then i left them in those boxes about 3/4 years ago in Bedford but i still want to follow up on this, i just love bees.

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