Meet the Krone Big X Forage Harvester

Powerful and durable, the Krone Big X is an impressive forage harvester. Innovative features set these machines apart from the crowd. When the going gets tough, this robust harvester has what it takes to get the job done without any hassles. You can find the perfect harvester for your business on AgriMag.

Krone Big X
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Krone Big X range overview

The Krone Big X boasts a modern exterior that’s built to last and its ergonomic design helps to maximise its efficiency. Equipped with MAN engines, these harvesters have a power output that reaches 1110 hp. The 6 intake rollers help to deliver a trustworthy performance while also enhancing the chopping quality. The Universal MaxFlow chopping drums come with the option of 20, 28 or 36 blades. With the Biogas chopping drums, you’ll have the choice between 40 or 48 blades.

Big X 1180

The 1180 leads the Big X range. When you invest in the Big X 1180, you’ll have the option of choosing the lift cab. This cab is so great that it has won awards. The benefit of the lift cab is that it can be elevated by 700mm, which provides better visibility. Not only does better visibility offer increased safety, but it also boosts efficiency. This model is fitted with a 24-litre, V12 engine that delivers 850 kW of power. If you’re looking for the ultimate harvester, the Big X 1180 is made for you!

Krone Big X - Crop
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Benefits of the Krone Big X

● Superior comfort
The cab provides a pleasant work environment that is conducive to productivity. The high side windows, combined with narrow posts, ensure that operators benefit from maximum visibility. The cab is spacious and also offers you decreased noise levels. It’s equipped with 16 H9 lights, which provide excellent illumination. The air conditioning helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the cab despite the weather conditions outside.

● Improved ergonomics
When you buy a Krone Big X, you benefit from the best ergonomics. The layout of the cab is designed for maximum convenience, reducing driver fatigue and boosting productivity. The highly functional cab design puts the driver in control, which elevates the precision of their work. The advantages of this harvester don’t stop there. It’s also fitted with an ergonomic joystick. The joystick is designed to offer fingertip control of a range of machine functions. Over 20 programmed functions make it effortless for the driver to adjust the ground speed as well as to control the header and spout.

Krone Big X - Harvesting
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● Increased profits
While the Krone Big X requires an initial outlay of capital, it ultimately contributes to increased profits. Equipped with EasyCollect, these machines offer you a work width of up to 10.5m as well as high-quality chop. The stalks are fed in lengthwise, which means there are less overlength fractions. The distinctive collector principal results in decreased labour costs. The maize headers feature a modular design, which results in a weight that is significantly lighter as well as an increased service life. Not only will your business benefit from decreased maintenance costs, but you’ll also have the advantage of reduced downtime.

● Exceptional flexibility
With OptiMaize, these machines offer you exceptional flexibility. There is a range of chopping lengths to choose from, which ensures that these machines offer outstanding precision when it comes to meeting the needs of livestock farmers. The selection of blade numbers for the MaxFlow and Biogas drums also contributes to the flexibility of these machines.

Krone Big X - Crop Harvester
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From its comfortable cab to its robust design, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a Krone Big X harvester. Boost the productivity of your business by finding harvesters for sale on AgriMag.

Meet the Krone Big X Forage Harvester | AgriMag Blog
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Meet the Krone Big X Forage Harvester | AgriMag Blog
Powerful and durable, the Krone Big X is an impressive forage harvester. Innovative features set these machines apart from the crowd.
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