All-around innovation with the Landini 7 series

Innovative, comfortable, and durable, the Landini 7 series tractors are an excellent investment. From start to finish, every aspect of these powerful machines is built to boost the productivity of your business. Their robust design ensures that they’re capable of tackling tough tasks effortlessly. Find a robust tractor for sale on AgriMag and enjoy great savings.

Landini 7 Series - Exterior
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Landini overview

Landini is a proudly Italian brand that returned to South Africa in 1994. Landini is dedicated to developing and manufacturing durable tractors that deliver an impressive performance. With their outstanding efficiency and excellent design, these machines have developed a reputation for excellence across the globe.

Quality cab

The Landini 7 series tractors feature cabs designed to provide the operator with a work environment that promotes productivity. Innovative features are strategically positioned to offer the operator maximum control with minimum effort. With a cab that’s safe and comfortable, these tractors are designed for long days in the field. The air-suspension seat features a multi-function armrest that enhances the comfort levels these tractors offer. With the telescopic tilt-adjustable steering wheel, it’s easy to customise the cab to meet the requirements of individual drivers.

A pleasant temperature is maintained inside the cab with automatic climate control. The radio and four loudspeakers offer the operator entertainment while they’re getting their work done. There is also a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. A durable chassis decrease noise and vibration, which contributes to the comfortable work environment these tractors offer.

The cab is designed to offer all-around visibility, which contributes to safety and ease of operation. Other highlights of the 7 series tractors include a flat deck platform and a clear sunroof. LED lights enhance visibility in low lighting conditions.

Landini 7 Series - Cab
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Robust exterior

With a range of models to choose from, you can find a 7 series tractor that best matches your requirements. Their robust exterior design allows these machines to operate in challenging conditions. Durable components reduce downtime as well as maintenance expenses. The maximum length with the ballast ranges from 5 290 to 5 360mm and all the models in this range have a minimum width of 2 430mm. The height over cab dimensions range from 3 050 to 3 100mm and their ground clearance ranges from 550 to 650mm. The total weight without ballast starts at 6 850 and reaches 7 100kg.

Capable performance

The Landini 7 series tractors are fitted with cutting-edge 24-valve, 6-cylinder, 6 728cc turbo engines that deliver 116 kW to 147 kW at 2200 rpm depending on the model that you choose. The peak torque for the 7 series tractors is from 625 to 825 Nm at 1 500rpm. The fuel tank capacity for this model is 320 litres. The generous amount of torque these tractors deliver contributes to their flexible capabilities and impressive pulling power. They have a ROBO-SIX Powershift transmission that offers easy gear changes using an electronic controller. After the operator selects the engine speed, the Smart APS enables the ROBO-SIX transmission to choose the best gear range and speed. The Stop and Action system contributes to the smooth ride quality these tractors offer.


When you buy a 7 series Landini tractor, you’ll have the following models to choose from:
● 7.160
● 7.180
● 7.200
● 7.230

Landini 7 Series - Farming
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Invest in a Landini 7 series tractor and experience its awesome capabilities for yourself. You can find high-quality tractors for sale on AgriMag.

All-around innovation with the Landini 7 series | AgriMag Blog
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All-around innovation with the Landini 7 series | AgriMag Blog
The Landini 7 series tractors are an excellent investment. From start to finish, every aspect is built to boost the productivity of your business.
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