Everything you need to know about mango farming

Are you interested in mango farming? This delicious fruit is popular across the globe, and with its juicy flavour, it’s easy to see why. Mango farming is rewarding but it also requires skills, knowledge, and the right equipment. You’ll need trustworthy tractors, irrigation systems, and harvesting equipment to ensure that your business is a success. You can find all this equipment and more for sale on AgriMag at bargain prices.

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What regions are suitable for mango farming?

South Africa has the right climatic conditions for mango farming. The advantage of this fruit is that it can be grown in a variety of different climates. Cultivating mangoes is possible in hot and humid conditions as well as in cool and dry regions. The most popular regions for mango farming in our country are:

● Onderberg
● Letsitele Valley
● Hoedspruit
● Trichardsdal

During the cooler months, the temperature shouldn’t drop below an average of 5°C. While mangoes can withstand temperatures of up to 45°C, they thrive between 27°C and 36°C. From October until it’s time to harvest the mangoes, the average relative humidity should not exceed 55%. Areas that are very windy are not suitable for mango farming since winds damage the fruit and make it susceptible to disease.

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What type of soil is required?

When it comes to soil, there are plenty of factors to consider. Getting the soil requirements right sets the foundation for the success of your mango farm. You’ll need to take into account the type, compaction, texture of the soil, and its depth. The drainage is also another important consideration. These factors are impacted by whether you’re farming on dryland or using irrigation. Here are some tips to get you started if you’re farming using irrigation:

● A moderate slope is beneficial for irrigation
● Avoid planting in depressions or basins, in soils with compact layers, or on steep slopes
● The ideal soil depth is 750mm to 1m
● The best soil texture is sandy loam or loam
● The ideal clay content of the soil is between 15% and 25%

How should the soil be prepared?

Proper preparation of the soil has numerous benefits since it improves root development and helps with drainage and water penetration. It also makes the absorption of nutrients more efficient. Disease resistance is improved and yield is boosted. You’ll need to do a physical and chemical assessment of the soil in order to determine what needs to be done. Other elements of soil preparation include adding lime and phosphate to the root area. It’s also essential to check the levels of calcium in the soil. Other preparation activities include deep ploughing or rip cultivation and building ridges if it’s required. You’ll need to find irrigation equipment for sale to ensure that the trees receive enough water.

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How should mango trees be selected?

When you’re buying mango trees, you’ll need to look for signs that the tree is in good health. Take a look at the signs of a quality tree:
● Green and gleaming foliage
● Long internodes
● Healthy graft union and blossoms
● Containers should be a minimum of 10 l as a precaution against stunted root growth

Another important aspect of choosing trees is the type of cultivator that you pick. Options include Tommy Atkins, Zill, Kensington, Irwin, Neldica, and Kent. You could also choose to plant Heidi or Sensation cultivators. When you’re choosing a cultivator, you’ll need to consider the following aspects:
● Quality and appearance
● Fruit and tree size
● Disease resistance
● Consistency and size of yields
● Shelf life of fruit
● Climatic conditions
● Speed of tree growth
● Local and international demand

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Now that you know more about mango farming, you can get your agricultural enterprise off to a good start. Need quality equipment? Find reliable agricultural equipment for sale on AgriMag today.

Everything you need to know about mango farming | AgriMag Blog
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Everything you need to know about mango farming | AgriMag Blog
Are you interested in mango farming? This delicious fruit is popular across the globe, and with its juicy flavour, it’s easy to see why.
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