Farming just got easier with these brilliant smartphone farming apps

The rapid advancement of technology has made a vital contribution to the agricultural sector. Farming apps are used to add convenience to the lives of farmers and to boost the efficiency of their operations. These cutting-edge apps mean that farmers can optimise the maintenance and growth of their crops by using their smartphones. The latest innovations make it easy for farmers to access essential information remotely. In this blog post, we take a look at a range of useful farming apps and the features that each one offers.

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Farming apps overview

Farming apps make it easy to access the latest news in the agricultural industry. These tools can be used to predict crop yields as well as to access up-to-date market information. These apps are useful for small-scale operations as well as for larger farms. The wide range of apps makes it easy to find one that caters to the needs of your business.

Farming Apps | AgriMag Blog

Take a look at the list of useful farming apps below:


Following the trend of suppliers in the agricultural industry to make apps which aim to optimise their customer’s experience, PANNAR developed the Sprout app. This app is useful because it enables farmers to review a detailed list of the products that the company offers. Another reason to use Sprout is that it features replant and estimated yield calculators. Farmers who cultivate grains and beans can benefit from using this app. Sprout is easy and free to download and is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Pannar Sprout | Farming Apps | AgriMag

Rural eMarket

This innovative farming app was developed with the needs of rural farmers in mind. Created specifically for Africa, this app promotes access to market information. The advantage of this app is that it’s affordable and easy to use. Rural eMarket can be used on smartphones or tablets and it can also be accessed via a computer.

Rural eMarket | Farming Apps | AgriMag


Stay connected to the latest developments in the agricultural industry using Agtag. This innovative app offers farmers the latest agricultural articles and news from across the globe. Farmers can use this technology to gain insight into the most recent innovations that are related to crops, equipment, and water. The advantage of using Agtag is that it allows you to customise your categories so that you’re presented with the information that interests you the most. Farmers can get access to Agtag without spending a cent by visiting the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

AgTag Farming App | AgriMag


When it comes to deciding which farming apps to use, uLima is definitely worth consideration. This app was developed by Resolve to offer farmers in Africa a range of useful tools. It also functions to give farmers access to a database as well as up-to-date market information. uLima features crop calendars and it offers farmers convenient access to best practice methodology. At the core of this app is the acknowledgement that improved productivity is essential for farmers. This cutting-edge app features crop libraries as well as weather alerts and market price information. uLima is available to download using the Google Play or Apple App stores. It is also available from the Microsoft app store and can be downloaded online.


uLima Farming App | AgriMag

Now that you know more about the various farming apps that are available, you can boost the productivity of your business. The increasing demands that are being placed on the agricultural sector make it necessary to use apps to maximise efficiency while promoting convenience.

Farming just got easier with these brilliant smartphone farming apps
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Farming just got easier with these brilliant smartphone farming apps
The rapid advancement of technology has made a vital contribution to the agricultural sector, & farming apps help add convenience & boost efficiency.
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