Growing strawberries doesn’t have to be difficult

Delicious and nutritious, it’s easy to see why strawberries are so popular! If you decide to start strawberry farming, you’ll reap the benefits in no time. While there are limitations to entering the South African market, you can make your business a success with the right knowledge and plenty of determination. Get your strawberry farm off to a great start by finding durable equipment for sale on AgriMag.

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South African Strawberry Growers Association

You can find support by joining the South African Strawberry Growers Association. SASGA was founded in 1972 with the needs of local farmers in mind. The members of this industry body are collaborating to grow strawberries using cutting-edge farming practices that are more environmentally friendly. They’ve also united to access quality cultivators from around the world.

Varieties of strawberries

There’s a wide range of strawberry varieties to choose from but you need to select carefully in order to ensure your success. You’ll need to consider the climate of the region you’re living in as well as the soil properties when you’re making a decision. The genetics of the strawberries also need to be taken into account. This decision is vital since planting the wrong variety can cost you big bucks. When you’re just starting out, you’re prone to making mistakes, but it’s easier to recover from errors if you’ve chosen the variety wisely. Once you’ve done extensive research, you can do a trial with different varieties to see which one is best suited to your specific region.

Strawberry Farming - Aphids
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Pests and disease

Pests put your harvest at risk. Bollworm, aphids, beetles, red spider mites, and the cyclamen mite are some of the pests to look out for. You can use organic products to try and safeguard your strawberries. If you use chemicals, make sure they comply with the regulations of the market you’re selling to. These fruits are also at risk for anthracnose disease. You’ll need to protect your fruit from birds, rodents, beetles, slugs, and crickets.

What are the benefits of strawberry farming?

Strawberries have a high value, which makes them an attractive crop to grow. This means that if you have a relatively small piece of land, you can get great value from it by growing strawberries. While it’s challenging to start up a strawberry farm, there are plenty of opportunities for expansion once you’re well established. Strawberries are a sought-after fruit because of their sweet taste but they’re also packed full of nutrients. They are full of vitamins and minerals, which help to boost your immune system. They’re low in calories, which makes them a popular, tasty treat for people who are watching their weight.

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What difficulties can strawberry farmers expect to face?

Farming strawberries in South Africa comes with high costs. One of the biggest barriers to starting this type of farm is the expense of setting everything up. You can save money by finding durable second-hand equipment for sale. Make sure that the equipment is of a high quality if you choose to go the second-hand route. The plants come with a price tag that’s relatively high which hikes up the capital that’s required to get your farm going. Another difficulty you can expect to face is that the local market is very competitive. You can consider selling to both the South African and global market to extend your client base.

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Now that you know more about strawberry farming, you can decide whether growing this juicy fruit is the right business for you. Looking for affordable equipment? Find robust equipment for sale on AgriMag and enjoy great savings.

Growing strawberries doesn't have to be difficult |  AgriMag Blog
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Growing strawberries doesn't have to be difficult | AgriMag Blog
Delicious and nutritious, it’s easy to see why strawberries are so popular! If you decide to start strawberry farming, you’ll reap the benefits in no time.
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