What to consider when buying a tractor

Tractors are an essential part of the agricultural industry and no farm is complete without a durable and hard-working tractor. Ultimately, you’re looking for a reliable machine that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. These machines can help you effortlessly tackle a range of difficult tasks. Here is our list of things to consider when you’re thinking of buying a tractor. After you’ve weighed your options, you can find a wide selection of tractors for sale on AgriMag.

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The main component of any tractor is its engine. You’ll need to take the tractor’s engine into account when making your decision as this component is the source of the machine’s power. Does the engine use diesel fuel or petrol? Fuel is an important consideration as diesel engines typically produce a larger power output. Check how much horsepower the engine delivers as this will determine whether it’s capable of getting challenging jobs done.

Accessibility of spare parts

The accessibility of spare parts is a consideration that you can’t afford to forget about. When your tractors are out of action, it decreases productivity, which ultimately has a negative impact on your profits. However, if spare parts are readily available, you can have your machine repaired and running again in no time. The trick is to buy tractors that have been manufactured by a well-known brand. When you buy a machine from a dealership that has an established reputation, it will be easier to have your tractor serviced and repaired.

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We’ve already discussed the importance of checking the tractor’s engine, however, the transmission also affects the performance of your machine. It also impacts the drivability of the tractor. Hydrostatic transmissions are operated with foot pedals, which means that it’s easy for the driver to increase the speed as required. There’s a huge difference between these transmissions and manual variations. Synchro-shift transmission only works when the driver changes gears with the control stick. While it’s convenient to travel at a consistent speed with these transmissions, they’re more difficult to use than the variations that are accompanied by foot pedals.


The tasks that you plan to use your tractor for will influence what type of tyres you need. Agricultural cleat style tyres are suitable for the completion of general tasks in an agricultural setting. The tyres need to provide a good amount of traction for heavy-duty applications. Tyres are typically filled with air but they may also be filled with fluid to make the tyres heavier for increased traction.

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The brand of tractor you buy is important for many reasons. Research the reputation of different brands before you decide which tractor to buy. It’s best to look for a brand that has a well-established reputation. If the brand hasn’t been around for long, it’s risky to buy one of their tractors as they could disappear after a few years, which will have an impact on their after-sales services.


An attachment hitch makes it possible to use other equipment with your machine. Check what type of hitch the tractor has before you buy it. The three-point hitch and drawbar hitch are both useful options.


Does the tractor have hydraulic power? This is an important question as hydraulic power adds to the efficiency and convenience of completing tasks. With hydraulic power-steering, it’s easier for the driver to manoeuver the machine. Another useful application of hydraulic power is for lifting attachments as well as for powering equipment.

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If you need to get jobs done in the evening, you may want to consider investing in a tractor that has headlights. As the sun goes down, you’ll still be able to complete tasks in low lighting conditions with help from the tractor’s headlights.

Now that you know more about the different components of these useful machines, you can look for the right tractor for sale on AgriMag. With careful consideration, you can find a robust machine that makes light work of difficult tasks on your farm.

What to consider when buying a tractor | AgriMag Blog
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What to consider when buying a tractor | AgriMag Blog
Tractors are an essential part of the agricultural industry and no farm is complete without a durable and hard-working tractor.
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